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Supporting Your Net Zero Roadmap

Our concern is the environment. Our passion is helping you protect it for the future.

GW Environmental Consulting provides cost effective, innovative, industry proven solutions to reduce or eradicate the risk and impact of hydrocarbon contamination wherever it may occur, both now and for the future.

Come and talk to us so we can guide and support you in implementing solutions to help your organisation where:


  • There is a desire to reduce the amount and impact of contaminated waste created.

  • You would like to be seen to utilise green technology as a sustainable alternative to simply passing contaminated waste issues onto others to manage.

  • There is a financial need to reduce and control the cost of waste disposal.

  • There has been a review of environmental practices and the internal expertise to implement an effective and timely solution to resolve problems is not available.

  • You would simply like to understand more about how other businesses manage their contaminated waste utilising environmentally eco-friendly solutions.

  • You no longer want to expose your staff and customers to harmful chemical cleaning products.


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For a free consultation, site survey or demonstration of our products please share your challenges with us so we can help you to manage the problems you face today and mitigate the risks you face beyond  tomorrow 

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