Petroleum Facilities

A single multi use cleaning product has been developed for use on the forecourt, fuel storage areas, refineries and vehicle workshops.

As it actively ingests hydrocarbons any post  cleaning waste water can be allowed to run into the fuel separator system where it will continue to remediate and clean the contents of the fuel separator of ethanol and harmful BTEX compounds that could otherwise leak into the environment.

Marine Applications

Our Marine Products were born out of a commitment to meet the most stringent environmental standards for Legislation in the Maritime world.


They can be used for the cleaning and degreasing of decks, bulkheads engine rooms and port facilities helping to reduce the risk of injury through slipping.


Most importantly you can minimize  the risk of  hydrocarbon pollutants entering the ocean.

Ground  Contamination

Treating contamination in situ is the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution to spill events & historical ground contamination.

Expensive dig & dump operations, the transporting of waste to be treated off site and long term forced air sparing equipment hire can all be avoided.

Our proven in situ technology can remediate hydrocarbon contaminated soil within 90-120 days , 60% cheaper than traditional methods.


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