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Petroleum Facilities

Our Bio 010 cleaning product is ideal for use on the forecourt, fuel storage areas, refineries and vehicle workshops for both cleaning and spill management.

Its powerful natural surfactants lifts dirt and grime and the active bacteria then ingest any hydrocarbons present.


Bio 010 is an ideal replacement for messy absorbents and when used for spill management unsightly forecourt staining & the risk of slipping can be extensively mitigated. 


Our Bio 020 dosing product will remediate hydrocarbons, including ethanol, within drains and fuel separators meaning costly separator cleaning intervals can be reduced.


Marine Applications

Our Bio Wizard Marine Product range were born out of a commitment to meet the most stringent environmental standards for use in the Maritime world.


They can be used for the cleaning and degreasing of decks, bulkheads engine rooms and port facilities helping to reduce the risk of injury through slipping.

For the treatment of galley drains and bilges our Bio Wizard dosing products allow you to minimize  the risk of  hydrocarbon pollutants entering the ocean.

Spillages of oil into bilges can be treated in situ without the need for expensive steam cleaning or taking a vessel out of service.

As our products are non caustic and Ph neutral they are ideal for use in confined spaces.

General Cleaning

In the UK current cleaning processes put over one billion litres of toxic chemical products into the drains,  streams, rivers, lakes and ultimately the ocean.

Most of these chemicals have an accumulative toxic effect in both animals, fish and humans.  Water treatment can never remove all the "forever toxins". 


With the widespread use of anti bac and  disinfectants the microbial eco system has been devastated. 


Our Bio 010 cleaning product which is ideal for use on any hard surfaces puts no toxins into the environment and our innovative use of harmless augmented bacteria means using our product puts something good back into the environment.


For a free consultation, site survey or demonstration of our products please share your challenges with us so we can help you to manage the problems you face today and mitigate the risks you face beyond  tomorrow 

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