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Our products and bacteria are cultured and manufactured to the highest standards and standards, and are:

  • non-chemical based

  • PH neutral

  • non-toxic

  • non-hazardous

  • non-caustic

  • non-corrosive

  • safe to use

  • readily biodegradable

  • made from 100% renewable sources

  • Comply with MARPOL standards  for shipping

At GW Environmental  we got really fed up seeing harsh toxic cleaning products entering the eco system through drains and surface run off, so we decided to create something different.

Our Bio Wizard range of products avoids the use of chemicals and helps restore the natural balance of essential yet harmless bacteria in our eco system.

By using our products you are making a positive contribution to the biodiversity of our environment and helping to prevent its gradual destruction.

Our products do not posses the long term damaging side affects chemical cleaners have on peoples health. Our Bio Wizard  products are simply better for both people and the environment.


For a free consultation, site survey or demonstration of our products please share your challenges with us so we can help you to manage the problems you face today and mitigate the risks you face beyond  tomorrow 

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