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Bioremediation Treatment

"Our products support an environmentally sustainable approach to effectively treating contaminated soil in situ. 

The Methodology

Treating contamination in situ is the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution to spill events & historical ground contamination.

Expensive dig & dump operations, the transporting of waste to be treated off site and long term forced air sparing equipment hire can all be avoided.

Our custom blended products can remediate hydrocarbon contaminated soil up to  60% cheaper than traditional methods.


In situ shallow level bioremediation (up to 1.5 metres deep) can be completed non intrusively with the minimum of labour and equipment cost. Implementation typically takes one day for sites up to 1000m³ and we aim to reach remediation target levels within 90 to 120 days.

In situ deep level bioremediation can be treated to a depth of over 15m when used in conjunction will drilling equipment

Ex situ bioremediation removes the prohibitive cost of transporting contamination away from site. It can be excavated and moved to a more suitable location on site and the soil is tilled or windrowed with our powder product. Afterwards our liquid products are broadcast sprayed onto the soil.

The Products

Dry Powder Products can be used to stiffen and stabilise contaminated sludges, allowing for their safe transportation. The presence of water will release oxygen from the powder, helping the biodegradation process.

Liquid Products can be used either as a standalone solution for small scale spills, such as equipment leaks, or as part of an integrated approach in larger, more heavily contaminated projects. The solubalisers in the product help it unadhere contaminants from the soil, providing for better contact of the bacteria with the contaminant, which results in more timely and efficient bioremediation.

Enhancers can be used for heavily contaminated soil projects. This product contains a high count aerobic and facultative bacteria. It is used as a heavy dosing treatment and can bring even the most heavily contaminated sites within permissible levels in 90 to 120 days.


For a free consultation, site survey or demonstration of our products please share your challenges with us so we can help you to manage the problems you face today and mitigate the risks you face beyond  tomorrow 

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