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  • Graeme Warnell

What are we doing to our water ?

I used to love sea food and holidays by the sea side, all that fresh air and healthy eating.....or is it still that healthy ?

Herring and other marine delicacies are becoming more and more contaminated with man made toxins and PFA's.

A recent analysis shows that crayfish from Swedish lakes contain high levels of PFAS, a family of persistent chemicals, many of which are toxic.

Hazardous chemicals are everywhere: in food, consumer products, and water supplies. No one can dodge them.

This constant exposure has resulted in all of us having hundreds of man-made chemicals in our bodies with a recent study highlighting that European teenagers now have high levels of PFAS in their blood.

In the last few years huge blooms of toxic algae have also forced bathers off many beaches. These are primarily caused by excess human made nutrients entering the sea.

The global economy not only needs to be decarbonized; it also needs to be detoxified.

If you want to remove the use of toxic cleaning products from your organisation so you become part of the solution and not part of the problem please email Our zero cost site and product audits can help you on the path to increasing your sustainability credentials, reduce your contaminated waste footprint and save you money. It could be the best thing you ever did for nothing !

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