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  • Graeme Warnell

GW Environmental Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

My name is Graeme Warnell and I am the owner of GW Environmental Consulting Ltd. I live 4 hrs drive from the Ukraine border in Krakow Poland with my wife and two of my daughters aged 12 and 10. What I am seeing in terms of the refugees crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine is unprecedented in my lifetime. To help, we have opened our house to refugees needing rest, warmth, and a reminder that humanity still exists.

So far we received Elena and her 2 year old son Max. They were exhausted when they arrived, having travelled for 2 days on a bus from Vinnytsia. Their entire life was packed into 1 suitcase and a sports bag. Elena and Max are trying to get to friends in Rostok, Germany.

We provided clean beds, food and friendship. Max was able to play with my daughters like a normal child should be able to play. We have helped Elena and Max with their onward journey giving Max colouring pens, paper and some small toys. For Elena we provided money so that they need not go hungry on the way to Rostok.

Following this we provided a home for a mother Vladar and her 2 daughters Tzarina (8) and Yasmina (3) for 3 weeks. Since then we have managed to find them permanent accommodation in Krakow and get both of the girls places in local schools so they can try to establish some normality back in their lives.

As a family we want to keep providing this service. We want to be here for those who need help. We want to make sure we do everything we can to help them on their quest for safety and respite, but we cannot do it alone.

Long term we want to support people from Ukraine who have no relatives or friends abroad by helping them to rent longer term accommodation in Poland. Our ultimate goal is to keep in touch with everyone who we help, and be there to support them when they are able to return to their homes when this dreadful war is over.

Any donation no matter how big or small allows us to provide food, toys, essential personal items and support for refugees leaving Ukraine as soon as they get off the bus and enter our home. Any donation helps us to find alternative longer term accommodation locally. Any donation will help us to help rebuild their lives after the conflict has ended.

We will add the stories of all those we have helped so you can see what an incredible difference your donation is making to these people's lives. Thank you for taking a moment to read this and thank you again if you were able to donate in any way.

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